Join us in making a commitment to take action in 2023.

About Year of Action

We will not sit idly by.

In response to the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade, reproductive health advocates have warned that further complications and uncertainties for individuals in the U.S. seeking comprehensive reproductive care would become increasingly complicated as states put laws in place to restrict access on a variety of fronts.

This is an issue affecting the lives of millions. It is also an economic issue for those impacted; when women have access to safe reproductive healthcare, they have access to a better education, career and quality of life.

Last year, Mejuri, the global fine jewelry brand, reached out to Don’t Ban Equality and asked what brands can do to impact the conversation. Don’t Ban Equality said that our voice and reach are among the most impactful ways to help at this time; by using their platforms, we can maintain a continued drumbeat throughout the year and highlight this important cause.

Don’t Ban Equality and Mejuri have called on like-minded brands who stand for empowerment to form a collective action committee to speak out and advocate.

The goal of the committee is to leverage our collective voices, platforms and communities to raise awareness, educate and fundraise for equal access to healthcare.

Over the course of 2023, the Year of Action Committee will be hosting a variety of events and initiatives – both virtually and in person –  to raise awareness and provide necessary tools and resources to our communities, so they can make decisions on their own terms.

Stay tuned for more – we will be sharing all updates here.




In addition to our behind-the-scenes and on-the-ground action, we will be donating to key efforts in the fight for reproductive rights.

We made a donation to Planned Parenthood to support access to safe reproductive healthcare and hope you can too. Please follow this link to make a donation.


Download Our ToolKit

We’ve created a toolkit that provides helpful information to talk about this issue with your community. You can download it here.


Stay tuned for upcoming events 

We’ll be hosting both in-person and virtual events throughout the year – stay tuned for more news here, or follow the committee members on social media.


Learn more and stay up to date on current legislation 

Check out these helpful resources:

Year of Action Brand Collective

This committee of brands is committed to engaging our communities in meaningful action each month of 2023 and invites other brands to lift important messages in gender equality.

If your brand is interested in joining the Year of Action, please email us.