Don’t Ban Equality is a coalition of nearly 700 businesses making the clear case that public policies that restrict reproductive health care are bad for business.

Access to reproductive healthcare is a core business issue because it impacts operations, benefits, culture, workforce health and safety, and competitiveness for talent – and it is backed by bipartisan public opinion.

To access a regularly updated database of corporate responses to the ongoing attacks on reproductive healthcare, click here.

This coalition of corporations publicly asserts that restricting access to abortion negatively affects efforts to promote equality in the workplace, impairs the ability to build diverse and inclusive workforce pipelines and to recruit top talent across states, and puts businesses, workers, communities, and the economy at risk.

What to know: 

  • A majority of Republican (68%), Democratic (86%) and Independent (74%) workers think their employer should take concrete steps to protect abortion access. 
  • More than half of young women are making plans about where to live based on whether abortion is accessible in a state.
  • 65% of college-educated workers say that they would be discouraged from taking a job in a state where politicians are trying to restrict access to reproductive care.
  • Economic losses from existing reproductive care restrictions, including labor force impact and earnings, already cost state economies an estimated $105 billion annually
  • Women who don’t have access to abortion care are three times more likely to leave the workforce and four times more likely to live in poverty. (Key data here and here.)

Who is part of Don’t Ban Equality: 

  • DBE represents more than 700 businesses in 40 states plus the District of Columbia, as well as companies with Corporate HQs outside of the U.S. who have a U.S. footprint. 
  • These corporations range in size from under 100 employees (64%), to midsize companies (17%), to companies with up to 270,000 employees (10.5%). 
  • 65% of companies have a female CEO or Co-CEO. 
  • This impressive span of businesses touches every corner of our lives including agriculture, finance, gaming, retail, hospitality, HR, tech, legal services, venture capital, and dozens more. 

To see the complete list of company signers, go here.

Read the Don't Ban Equality Statement:

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